Welcome to EJFP, Metairie's Premiere Family Care Medical Practice

Opening Hours : Mon-Fri 7:30-3:30, Sat 8-12
Contact : (504) 885-2505 or (504) 885-2505


Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 7:30am to 4:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am to 12:00pm

- We are open early.
- We have lunchtime appointments/availability.
- We are open on Saturdays.
- Our doctors are on-call after business hours.

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Sick Today... Seen Today

We have an open door policy. Medical problems are not always planned. Illness and injury can affect us unexpectedly, so one cannot plan or schedule an appointment for these situations weeks ahead of time. At East Jefferson Family Practice, we have an open door policy, meaning if you're SICK TODAY, you'll be SEEN TODAY.

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Diagnostic Tools Available On-Site

No need to go to another location for routine diagnostic studies.
Digital Xray - Images available immediately for review
Ultrasound - Can help identify kidney stones, gallbladder disease, blockages in arteries, blood clots, among other conditions.
Blood drawn on-site for labwork.
Bone Density Scan - Used to assess for osteoporosis.
EKG - Used to check for heart conditions.
Spirometry - Used to assess lung functions, such as Asthma.

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Electronic Health Records

Our physicians embrace the use of technology to improve efficiency and safety for all our patients.

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Sleep Medicine

Sleep is a complex process that we all need. We all spend about 1/3 of our lives going through this restorative process. If you have trouble sleeping, sleep too much, or have poor quality of sleep, our Board-Certified Sleep Specialist will be able to help with any of your sleep issues.

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